About Us

Ezgi Pleksi

Ezgi Pleksi, founded by Serdar Özkaya at Ankara in 2006. With gained experience and the abilities that came with the new technology, Ezgi Pleksi has raised it’s quality of service significantly.

‘Clients first’ has been the code of the company since its establishment. With plexiglass products and services such as laser cutting and engraving, it became a better known brand over the years and now it has lots of satisfied clients in the cosmetics, food, jewellery, banking, lighting, plastics and defense industries with its services in advertising, production solutions.

Ezgi Pleksi continues to grow with its experienced team and wide array of machinery.

It produces products such as stands, wish boxes, lottery boxes, lighting products, brochure holders, advertising products, signboards, direction signs, nameplates and custom design products. And it has laser cutting, engraving and production services.